With strong demand for AT command module coming up from markets, here provides an easy introduction about hardware and software setup work for Raytac’s AT command module demo board for quick start.

Raytac would like to remind following external MCU setting for first time connection with AT command DK Board.

1. Baud Rate: Default setting is 9600 without Flow Control
2. UART PD default setting is “Low”
   *a. MCU output set as “Low” to connect the DK Board
   *b. If MCU can not set up output “Low”, please use jumper to connect UART PD                 onto DK board to stay in “Low” (please refer to below pictures)
3. AT Command edit can only be committed under the DK boards is “No-Bonded” (Not Paired).
4. DK default broadcasting set as 30 sec and then enter to sleep mode. Developers can press wake up button to restart the broadcasting!
Tutorial 2-MDBT42A AT DK 拷貝Tutorial 2-nRF52810_AT-UART(52832-M9) Schematic.jpg

Hardware Set Up

  1. MDBT42Q-ATM Demo Board or MDBT42Q-AT Demo Board Board                         (UART default 9600,n,8,1 no flow control).
  2. CP2102 USB-TTL Board

Raytac AT Command Demo Board Hardware Setting

Raytac AT Command Setup-1AT Command Setup-2AT Command Setup-3


Software Set Up

1. PC Install Putty (e.g. download putty-64bit-0.70-installer.msi) or Docklight


AT Command Setup-5.png

2. Insert CP2102 board to PC 


3. Run Putty and setup, then save to Test

AT Command Setup-7AT Command Setup-8AT Command Setup-9AT Command Setup-10AT Command Setup-11


4.Exit Putty and run Putty again, Select Test and then click Open,


AT Command Setup-12


5.  Input AT?NAME at command and press Enter,

AT Command Setup-13


6. Press Enter to get board default device name “Raytac AT-UART”

AT Command Setup-14

Developers may find out more detail information about the command list or and demo board user guide by link provided in below.

Peripheral / Slave Role (MDBT42Q-AT & MDBT42Q-PAT)

MDBT42Q-AT &MDBT42Q-PAT Demo Board User Guide

MDBT42Q-AT &MDBT42Q-PAT (nRF52810 AT Command Module) Spec Sheet

Central / Master Role (MDBT42Q-ATM & MDBT42Q-PATM)

MDBT42Q-ATM &MDBT42Q-PATM Demo Board User Guide

MDBT42Q-ATM &MDBT42Q-PATM (nRF52832 AT Command Module) Spec Sheet

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.1 & BT4.2 & BT5 module maker based on Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF51822 & nRF51422 & nRF52832 & nR52810 & nRF52840)
www.raytac.com          email: cs@raytac.com          Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

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  1. Hello,
    This link above (AT Command Module Spec Sheet (Please Click Me)) does not work for me. Can you enable it, please?
    Also, which Nordic SoftDevice must I program for the smallest MDBT42V modules to be able to control them from an external MCU by using AT commands?
    Many thanks,


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