Nordic nRF52 Module by Raytac (Advanced Line Series)

Bluetooth has become the basic feature for applications nowadays. 

To fulfill the challenge of coming various Bluetooth function demands, Nordic Semiconductor provides a rage of nRF52 solutions from basic to advanced for customer’s selection. Raytac extent this advantage and offer modules with different antenna and form factors based on individual nRF52 solution.

This article, Raytac listed the advanced line modules: MDBT50Q, MDBT50, MDBT42Q, MDBT42, and MDBT42V series which deployed Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840, nRF52833, nRF52832 solutions.

Customers are encouraged may click below link to find more module information from Raytac’s website!

nRF52840 Modules: GPIO: 48  Flash: 1MB / RAM: 256K

nRF52833 Modules: GPIO: 48/18  Flash: 512K  / RAM: 128K 

nRF52832 Modules: GPIO: 32/20  Flash: 512K  / RAM: 64K

Nordic nRF52 Advanced Line Module by Raytac Corporation

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