To pursue a higher speed, performance, and functionality is eternal prospect of technology moving on.

Inevitably, the payoff in term of cost of the the technology improvement is essential.
Nordic has launched various of BLE SoC such as nRF51822, nRF52832, and nRF52840.
Raytac recently has been asked frequently~How we can decide to use nRF51 or nR52?
Which solution is the best adoption for the implement?
Is the best and latest solution always the right option for developers?

Standing on Marketing point of view, a Right solution does not mean the Best and Latest technology.
A Right solution is hard be the assertion but need more connotation of cost structure analysis, strategic product road map planning, initial cost speculation comprehended.
Likewise most of electronic components, developers tents to use a simple way to judge how to pick up the BLE SoC soltuion
1. Unit Cost
2. Specification
There is no doubt that Unit Cost is important if the solution specification is sufficient.
However, if customer leave the future roadmap plan behind and pick up the current cheapest solution, to change an advanced solution to fit the next implement will be the payoff occurred in next product. (The payoff which is refer to the total certification cost)
Raytac recently has been experienced a frequent question coming up?
How we should pick up Nordic solution? nRF51 or nRF52? What is the difference?
What the module we should pick up? MDBT40 series or MDBT42 series?
No doubt that nRF52 has below merit rather than nRF51
1. nRF52 supports  Longer Package MTU
2. nRF 52 has over 10 times higher transmission speed than nRF51
3. nRF52 only needs 1/10 (or less) transmission speed  than nRF51
The decisive point for this question we would suggest customer to consider and has a quick review of their current product and future road map in below aspect as below
A. If the product transmission need long packet? (nRF51 packet MTU is 20 byte; but nRF52 packet MTU is over 400 byte)
B. If customer’s future product road map planning may need long packet?
if customer current and all the way to future products may be satisfied by short packet (<20 byte, Thus, nRF51 (MDBT40) is enough.
On the contrast, if current product and future products many need longer packet MORE THAN 20 byte , Raytac is strongly suggesting to consider nRF52 (MDBT42) may be a right option.
Developers who is still confusing about the Right option to pick, Raytac welcome developers to send the mail to us for further consulting.
Anyhow, a right decision at first place is the most important issue rather than changing the solution on the way.
Raytac Corporation
A BT4.1 & BT4.2 & BT5 module maker based on Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF51822 & nRF51422 & nRF52832 & nRF51802 & nRF52840)            Tel: +886.2.3234.0208


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