Nordic released nRF52810 aimed to provide a low entry barrier for developers to explore Bluetooth Low Energy implements.To improve the effective cost, nRF52810 has provided a limited RAM (24K) and Flash Memory (192K) specification.
Among the BLE implements, Raytac is aware that the UART service (as known as NUS, Nordic UART service) is the most common and widely applied service which is used to called as SPP in classic Bluetooth.

Nordic UART Service implementation.

The Nordic UART Service is a simple GATT-based service with TX and RX characteristics. Data received from the peer is passed to the application, and the data received from the application of this service is sent to the peer as Handle Value Notifications. The service is used by the application to send and receive ASCII text strings to and from the peer.


The difference between nRF51 and nRF52 solution depends on the MTU demand.
For more detail, readers can refer to previous article

Raytac modified from Nordic provided NUS reference code to demonstrate the application and verify the throughtput and MTU.

Tool:Nordic nRF52 DK+Raytac nRF52810 module DK (MDBT42Q-192K)

Nordic SDK 14.2

Nordic SoftDevice: S112 (Designated for nRF52810)

Baud Rate 115200

MTU: 244 byte (Nordic nRF52 supports 244 byte as maximum)

Throughput: 5612 (5.48K)

Delay (interval): 14mS

Flow Control: Equipped

nRF52810 MDBT42Q UART Test Report

Nordic SDK 14.2 can be downloaded from below link

Nordic nRF52810 DK (MDBT42Q).JPG
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