Raytac is glad to announce a brand new AT command module line released today.


* Supports BT5.1/ BT5 Long Range Feature
* Works either as Central (Master) or Peripheral (Slave)
Demo Board

AT command is the most popular module line for the applications only need simple bridging function.  Not only user friendly, but also can improve the time to market efficiency significantly.
Coming with the evolution of BT5 specification, long range demand has increased dramatically. To built up a BT5.1 long range AT command module, Raytac deployed Nordic nRF52833 solution which features a M4F Arm® Cortex® includes a 128KB RAM and 512KB Flash memory, a +8 dBm output power, USB interface and 105℃ temperature range makes the solution capable to fulfill most commercial and industrial applications’ needs.
BT5 long range feature request both Central & Peripheral (Master & Slave) to perform. Differ from MDBT42Q and MDBT42V series single role AT command module, Raytac’s MDBT50Q is a dual roles AT command module which can work either Central (Master) or Peripheral (Slave). Customers can simply use AT command to set up the designated role to use it.
The MDBT50Q AT command modules now are in mass production. Customer who are looking for transparent transmission (aka SPP for Classic Bluetooth or Nordic UART service) are welcome to contact Raytac or distributors for sample purchasing.

Raytac Corporation 勁達國際電子有限公司

A BT5.2 & BT5.1 & BT5 & BT 4.2 module maker based on Nordic nRF52 & nRF51 solution 

(nRF52840 & nRF52833 & nRF52832 & nRF52820 & nRF52811 & nRF52810 & nRF52805 & nRF51822 )

www.raytac.com          email: cs@raytac.com          Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

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