Raytac released nRF52840 USB Dongle which deployed MDBT50Q-P1M module offers a Bluetooth 5 specification granted, FCC/IC/Telec(MIC)/KC/SRRC/NCC/WPC pre-certified, and CE/RCM compliant solution.

Raytac nRF52840 Dongle MDBT50Q-RX
Abstract molecule structure on dark blue color background. Vector illustration of Communication – network for futuristic technology concept

 nRF52840 SoC is the latest and advanced solution provided by Nordic Semiconductor, equips a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 FPU with 1Mb flash memory & 512kb RAM. It supports multiprotocol capable for Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4, ANT+ and 2.4G Hz proprietary.

    nRF52840, brought a new interface “USB” from other lines, has drawn the attention among developers. Especially, IoT related device has been dramatically increasing recently. The massive growth has driven the applications demand widely expanded. Accompany with the new specification released, Bluetooth Mesh network, USB interface has become the most flexible and convenient interface for portable or M2M implements. 

    Raytac developed module solution based on nRF52840 solution, which deploys Chip ,PCB Antenna, and an External Antenna support Bluetooth 5 long range feature. To fulfill the demand of USB interface, Raytac selected MDBT50Q-P1M to built up a nRF52840 dongle, MDBT50Q-RX,  missioned to deliver a full coverage of nRF52840 solution product line.

    Customers who are interested in nRF52840 dongle are encouraged to visit Raytac Website or download the Dongle Spec Sheet to obtain more information.

nRF52840 MDBT50Q-Final 拷貝

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.1 & BT4.2 & BT5 module maker based on Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF51822 & nRF51422 & nRF52832 & nR52810 & nRF52840)


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