The Bluetooth organization, SIG, recently released mesh networking specifications. It is the solution which define the requirements to implement many-to-many mesh networking based on Bluetooth Low Energy, as known as BLE.

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Mesh networking always has strong demand where multiple devices need to communicate. Previously, developers only rely on Zigbee or Ant+ to achieve. However, the gateway issue between these solutions with mobile devices always be the most difficult point which needs not only software but hardware solution effort to support. As such, high cost expense in hardware and time consuming in software make Mesh always grab high demand but low commitment.

With Mesh networking specification finalized by SIG with Bluetooth technology, the gateway border has been removed and development effort has been largely decreased. With BLE mesh networking, the capability enables to extend the connectivity range, increases the number of nodes and many-to-many communication topology.  The dramatically increasing implement in Mesh networking by BLE is highly expected.

To expedite the Mesh development through BLE, Nordic Semiconductor immediately provides a complete solution for Bluetooth mesh networking with nRF5 SDK for nRF52 & nRF52 series SoCs, the foundation for Bluetooth product development.

” In a Bluetooth mesh network every received packet is broadcasted by relays, until the packet is received by the destination node (a so called managed flooding mesh.) A simple, but effective way of spreading information across the mesh network with no single point of failure.”…Quoted by Nordic

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Mesh networking has been emerging a significant hype topic and augmenting the applications such as beacon service, building and home automation, sensor networks, lighting control where multiple devices need to communicate reliably and securely. Raytac Corporation, a module maker solutioned by Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 series SoCs, encourages all developers to visit Nordic website to find out more introduction of Bluetooth Mesh NetWorking.

Nordic SDK For Mesh (Please Click Me)

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