With recent booming demand related to IoT field all over the world, many companies are celebrating brilliant sales record achieved.
Raytac, as a part of IoT player, we are really expecting the coming era for a wildly IoT implements to enhance people’s life!
However, we sincerely appeal all developers do no forget to consider about risk control especially the risk raised at the stage when the products already in consumer’s hand!
Without risk control efficiently, the happiness earned from the success may become only a instant moment.

The best tool to hedge the risk is DFU (Device Firmware Update) through OTA (Over The Air)
The reasons why Developers needs OTA DFU may be concluded in 3 aspects
1. Time to market:
With plenty of competitors coming to the market, Time To Market and flexibility are the critical issues to grab the market share and survive. Thus, products with OTA DFU function can help company to release the products quickly, even firmware development still immature, but allows to active the sensors or update the algorithm latter to make it perfect. Not like now, most of time, company caught in the dilemma whether to release immediately the product or need to keep improving but lost the best market time.
2. Device updated for future application
With more and advanced devices released in the market rapidly, the hardware or OS may out of date quickly. To have the products with OTA DFU function can make the product free of worry to adapt to future changing trend advanced devices.
3. Firmware Debug
Believed that all the products have been strived in developing, testing and evaluation works before putting on the shelf. Even so, further firmware modification or update sometimes is inevitable. Recall the products to repair is the nightmare and let company exposure under a huge risk, not only for cost but also reputation. The risk now can be solved by OTA DFU the device through mobile device (smart phone), just like frequent app updated. Thus, OTA DFA is the easiest way to hedge this risk and hand over the debug works from Brand to consumers.
With plenty of BLE solutions among, Nordic’s OTA DFU is most comprehensive and powerful right now in the market.
To select a proper BLE solution for now and future, why not just pick up a pain free and risk hedged one rather than focusing on competing the cost structure and specification only.
Introduction Nordic DFU
We invite all reader to click below link for more information about Nordic solution.
Nordic DFU Architecture
nRF51 Memory Layout          nRF52 Memory Layout
Raytac Module Product line (based on Nordic Solution)

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