Mesh Network has grabbed the highlight of BLE development.
To keep all Nordic users get the updated information post, Raytac keep closely watching for every step Nordic achieved and summarized current status in below.
Mesh-Message Relay & Flooding.png

  1. Currently, Nordic Mesh is the only one which totally follows SIG Mesh Standard.
  2. Nordic released Mesh SDK version is the official and final version for mass production.
  3. Nordic DFU is the only solution which provides DFU direct from Node during node is under working for functions, the rest of solutions in market are not and unavailable for the application by now.
  4. Router & Mesh functions are allowed to be switched and transformed for application at anytime.
  5. Nordic Mesh APP APK is planning to be released before Easter/2018.
  6. Current mesh application is not low power capability, Nordic will release low power node(LPN) in a near future.
Mesh Topology & Roles.png
  1. Mesh firmware offers Relay node, Friend node and Lower power node and will be released before Easter/2018.
  2. Nordic announced that there’re 32 nodes can be offered at current while Nordic side is exactly verify up to 100 nodes.(The more nodes the longer latency, and the lower of the throughput.)
  3. Nordic Mesh stack will be qualified and has the Bluetooth QDID granted soon which refer to Nordic mesh SDK, Softdevice. Customer can leverage Nordic’s Mesh QDID for their Entire .

Mesh Unicast Addressing

Mesh Group Addressing
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