• On 16 April 2014, the EU adapted a new rules for placing radio equipment into EU Market
  • Manufacturers who has compliant with the existing legislation R&TTE 1999/5/EC 1.9.1 or LVD will be valid until 13 June 2017.
  • Afterward, regulation will be placed by RED after 13 June, 2017
What has RED changed from R&TTE
  • The RED applies for all equipments with transmitting or receiving radio waves for communications. Simply saying, it refer to all wireless devices.
  • RED directive is not subject to LVD (Low Voltage Directive ) or EMCD. Though, the essential requirements and modification of those directives will be covered in RED.
  • The major difference between RED and R&TTE 1.9.1 is putting additional emphasis on efficient and effective use of spectrum. Especially for the equipments needs to work in between transmitter and receiver to demonstrate the performance. Both are considered as an issues may affect the efficient and effective use of spectrum.
  • RED applies to radio equipment operating with frequency below 3000 GHz.
  • RED applies for radio determination equipment: uses the propagation qualities of radio waves to determine its position.
  • Broadcast TV & Radio receivers has been included in RED which was originally waived in R&TTE.


Raytac’s modules series now is undergoing the updating the regulation from R&TTE to RED. All lines of modules are expected to completed the conformity in May 2017.
Raytac Corporation
A BT4.1 & BT4.2 & BT5 module maker based on Nordic nRF51 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF51822 & nRF51422 & nRF52832 & nRF51802 & nRF52840)
www.raytac.com            Tel: +886.2.3234.0208
email: service@raytac.com



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