Nordic announced their 6th multi-protocol solution of nRF52 series with nRF52820, which supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee and 2.4GHz proprietary wireless connectivity.

Like other nRF52 siblings, nRF52820 highlights a powerful  64MHz 32bit Arm Cortex-M4 processor, includes 256Kb Flash Memory and 32Kb RAM, features of Bluetooth 5.2, 5.1 and 5 including long range and high-throughput of 2Mbits per second, as well as direction finding, low energy power control and low energy isochronous channels.

A full speed (12Mbits per second) USB 2.0 interface and 1.7~5.5V operation voltage bring a wide range of commercial and industrial wireless applications to nRF52820. To support nRF52820’s development, Nordic released SoftDevice S112, a new memory-optimized central stack. S112 now released as a alpha and will have full SDK (SDK V16.0.0) support coming in Q2 2020.

Raytac nRF52820 Module, MDBT50 Series
Nordic nRF52820 Modules by Raytac, MDBT50 Series

Raytac at the same time, released nRF52820 module, MDBT50 series.

MDBT50 series module is a compact form factor SoM with both Chip and PCB antenna options available.  Powered by nRF52820, MDBT50 modules are capable to feature a +8 dBm TX power, -40 to 105 °C operation temperature, which brings flexibility and mobility for either commercial and industrial implements.
On the other hand, nRF52820 is a pretty advanced solution which can be considered as the perfect alternative for those extended projects originally designed by  nRF51822. nRF51822 is Nordic’s first SoC released in 2013 and now already is the most common solution in the market.  With IoT related applications getting more and more popular and complicated these years, the capability and power consumption of the solution has become main concern for developers. Apparently, nRF52820’s is the best next generation candidate amid the various solutions to work for wireless application including lighting, asset tracking, sensor networking, HID and gaming products.

To have a better understanding between nRF51822 and nRF52820, readers can refer to to the the simple comparison chart provided in below. Those applications use less than 18 GPIO is highly recommend to consider nRF52820 instead of nRF51822.

Nordic nRF52820 vs nRF51822
Nordic nRF52820 vs nRF51822

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