Developer who currently are using nRF52840 based modules must be excited waiting for nRF52833’s distribution. Most developers are aware that nRF52833 supports long range, multi protocol and USB interface but has less RAM and Flash memory rather than nRF52840 and no doubt is the best alternative to have cost effective without extra efforts.

Raytac has released 3 models of nRF52833 based modules just at the same time when Nordic released, MDBT50Q-512K / MDBT50Q-P512K / MDBT50Q-U512K. Both nRF52840 and nRF52833 module are based on same form factor and pin out. To have quick visual identification finding the difference, Raytac’s nRF52833 modules are built by Green PCB but nRF52840 modules are Blue.

Raytac BLE Module-nRF52840 & nRF52833

      Since both nRF52840 and nRF52833 modules are hardware compatible, most developers shall be interested to know if it is just that simple “Move the code from nRF52840 to nRF52833 and the transferring work completed?”

We hope the answer is yes, but actually is “No” in practical.

      Not only pin assignment but also firmware setting need to review again to ensure original nRF52840 code can work for nRF52833. Therefore Raytac here provided a simple check list in terms of hardware and firmware aspects helping developers to complete the transferring works.

Below review are based on transferring from Raytac’s nRF52840 to nRF52833 modules:

  • nRF52840 modules includes MDBT50Q-1MV2, MDBT50Q-P1MV2, MDBT50Q-U1MV2.
  • nRF52833 modules includes MDBT50Q-512K, MDBT50Q-P512K, MDBT50Q-U512K.

Hardware Review

  1. GPIO Assignment Changed:

nRF52833 has some GPIO re-designated or cancelled.  (Blue GPIO are re-designated and Red GPIO are Cancelled)

  1. Reference Circuit:

Reg0 DC/DC is not available for nRF52833

Hardware Difference Between nRF52833 & nRF52840 Module
Hardware Difference Between nRF52833 & nRF52840 Module

Firmware Review

  1. SDK Version needs V.16 or after:

nRF52833 can only work under SoftDevic S113/SDK V.16 or after

  1. RAM size is 50% smaller:

nRF52833 only has 128KB. Don’t Forget to check application’s RAM capacity.

  1. Flash Memory is 50% smaller:

nRF52833 only has 512KB. Don’t forget to check and modify to correct address.

  1. Bootloader Address needs to re-designate:

nRF52833 need to be designated at 0x78000 from nRF52840 (0xF8000)

  1. Bootloader Setting File needs to modify:

Use nRF52 for bootloader setting file (same as nRF52832)

nrfutil.exe settings generate –family NRF52 –application APPLICATION.hex –application-version 3 –bootloader-version 2 –bl-settings-version 1 bootloader_settings.hex

  1. Command Line Tool Version needs V10.4.0 or after:

Use Command Line Tools is V10.4.0 or after to merge the file (mergehex.exe)



Code developed by Keil IDE need to have further action:

Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1 or after

Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1
Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1

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