From the article “Change to nRF52833 module? What the Hardware & Firmware Setting Need To Review?“, Raytac has highlighted Keil users need to update nRF Device Family Pack version to 8.27.1 for SDK16

Here introduced how to change the nRF DeviceFamilyPack version.

Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1
Modify nRF DeviceFamilyPack version to V8.27.1


Here is using “ble_app-uart” as an example:

1. Download and install nRF Family Pack V.8.27.1 in below link 

Device Family Pack V8.27.1-1.png


2. Open “Select Software Packs for Target” in Keil and modify nRF_DeviceFamilyPack version.

Device Family Pack V8.27.1-2


3. Select “OK”

Device Family Pack V8.27.1-3.png


4. Modify the Device Parameter in project

Device Family Pack V8.27.1-4.png


5. Select 8.27.1Device Family Pack V8.27.1-5.png

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