Bluetooth 5 grabs the attention may drop in “Long Range Feature”!

Compare to BT4.X BLE module in the market, mostly reach only about 20~30M.

Even Raytac’s BT4.X series modules, the best performance may about 100~140M line of sight.

Recent released MDBT50Q series, deploy Nordic nRF52840 has dramatically break the barrier of connectivity rage.

Upon the test under 1M bps  / sending data and link maintain, the connectivity range has reached over 340M.

nRF52840 MDBT50Q-U1M.JPG

In some implements, modules is designed inside the case which RF efficiency may decay due to the inappropriate PCB allocation, device’s installation location, and outer case’s material.

In order to maintain superior performance of Nordic nRF52840, Raytac this time incorporated u.FL connector in MDBT50Q series modules, P/N: MDBT50Q-U1M to meet such demands.

MDBT50Q-U series module (u.FL connector version) provides 4 options of external antenna for developers easy select.

MDBT50Q-U1M Specification Sheet now is ready to be download here (Pls Click Me) 

nRF52840 MDBT50Q-U1M-down.jpg

Follow Raytac’s policy, all these 4 external antenna will be BQB and RF safety regulation pre-certified. (depends on different regional request, the external antenna option may subject to be less)

Currently, MDBT50Q-U1M has in Mass Production stage, we encourages all developers to contact with us or distributor to access the sample for evaluation.

nRF52840 MDBT50Q Family 拷貝

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