Nordic Semiconductor has updated nRF52840 SoC version from Rev.1 to Rev.2. Raytac announced that the module built by nRF52840 with Rev.2 SoC now has started the mass production shipment.

nRF52840 IC Version

According to Nordic’s PCN-111 rev.10, the major nRF52840 SoC Rev. change and consequences is

nRF52840 Rev.1 (Build Code CXX): Reg0 DC-DC Module no function.

nRF52840 Rev.2 (Build Code DXX): Reg0 DC-DC Module function fixed.

According to Raytac PCN (PCN-19051001), Raytac MDBT50Q series modules’ part no. has changed:
1. From MDBT50Q-1M to MDBT50Q-1MV2
2. From MDBT50Q-P1M to MDBT50Q-P1MV2
3. From MDBT50Q-U1M to MDBT50Q-U1MV2
All Rev.2 series module has NO BLACK DOT on shielding case for identification

MDBT50Q : nRF52840 Rev.2 SoC

The last time order for modules built by nRF52840 Rev.1 is 2019/8/31; and final shipment by 2019/12/31.
Raytac encourages customers contact Raytac or distributors to ensure having module information updated.


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