Nordic nF5340 is the first wireless SoC with dual core processors which aimed to optimized the performance of complex IoT applications and LE audios. The dual core contains a 1MB Flash / 512K RAM M4F MCU for application processor and another 256K Flash / 64K RAM for network. This structure remarkable optimized the performance also low power efficiency.

Raytac released 5 modules with 2 form factors, MDBT53 and MDBT53V,  with different antenna options for selection. The modules deployed nRF53 SoC supports high-speed SPI, QSPI, USB, I2C, I2S, and NFC interface and 105°C industrial temperature specification. BT5.3 pre-qualified, FCC/IC/CE/Telec (MIC)/KC/SRRC/NCC pre-certified is a MUST for all Raytac modules.

MDBT53 is a System-on-Module (aka SoM) with a good size of 9.3mm x 14.3mm and 48 GPIO which is an ideal dimension to fit in most applications. MDBT53 provides 3 antenna options, Chip antenna; PCB antenna; and u.FL connector for external antenna which deliver a maximum feasibility for most IoT projects. MDBT53-1M (Chip Antenna) MDBT53-P1M (PCB Antenna) MDBT53-U1M (u.FL Connector for External Antenna)

MDBT53V is designated for the application which has a space constraint design. A 7.8mm x 12.4mm with 25 GPIO is small enough to offer the opportunity of employing nRF5340 modules in the project. MDBT53V provides 2 options of antenna, Chip and PCB, for developers’ selection which is capable of optimizing the project plan in terms of performance and budgetary.  MDBT53V-1M (Chip Antenna) MDBT53V-P1M (PCB Antenna)

Raytac Corporation 勁達國際電子有限公司
A BT5.3 & BT5.2 & BT5.1 module maker based on Nordic nRF53 & nRF52 solution 
(nRF5340 & nRF52840 & nRF52833 & nRF52832 & nRF52820 & nRF52811 & nRF52810 & nRF52805) email: Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

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